Event Research Database

This database is for the intrepid Harned Family researcher. Since printing the book the file has languished, and the only change to the data has been to remove most of the individuals shown on the "Unconnected" pages of this site.

Please be aware of the following:

  1. This is raw data, in some cases from census indexes and soundexes. You should locate the full record to make sure there are no transcription errors by us or others.
  2. By now there are many events included which relate to individuals who have been identified and connected to the family since the book was published.
  3. The data most certainly includes some Harnetts and others who are not descendants of Edward Harnett, Jr of Salem.
  4. Spelling of the last name is as we found it in the record.
  5. What you see is what you get...for more you'll have to check the source.

The data is presented in order of Date and First Name. If you should identify a connection which we do not show in the Gedcom data on this site, we would appreciate you contacting Tom Harned at harntom@juno.com so the connection can be included in the Gedcom data and second edition of the book


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