Research History
1836 - John Schyrock Harned [165], an Indiana farmer, visited his uncle John Harned [61] at Philadelphia as a boy, enlisting his help in creating a Harned Family Tree. The result was an extremely accurate chart which began with the three brothers Jonathan [5], Nathaniel [6] and Edward[7] at Woodbridge, NJ, but showed only the males of his branch of the family, the descendants of Nathaniel [6]. This chart, which he added to over his lifetime, became the basis of all subsequent research on the Harned family. We have a photograph of a January 3, 1872 version of his Harned Family Tree.
1900 - Nellie Harned Weaver and her father Benjamin Chichester Harned, a Rochester, NY restauranteur, developed the “New York Tree”, which includes many descendants shown on the John Schyrock Tree, but more heavily enumerates male descendants of John [9]. This tree, which dates from about 1900, appears to be an original creation because it shows significant differences from the John Schyrock “Family Tree”.
1900-1930 - Charles Carroll Gardner of New Jersey, a Harned descendant, gathered Harned bible records and interviewed family members around Woodbridge, NJ. He took extensive notes on the family, which are recorded on several hundred index cards at the New Jersey Historical Society, Newark, NJ, and in manuscripts at the Rutgers University Library, Trenton, NJ.
1920's - William Appleby Eardeley, a well known Long Island genealogist, developed a hand written manuscript outlining the early generations of the Harned family, including the descendancy from Edward Jr. [1] at Salem to Jonathan [2] at Huntington, LI, to the three brothers Jonathan [5], Nathaniel [6] and Edward [7] at Woodbridge, NJ, and the children of Nathaniel and Edward.
1917 - Hiram E. Deats, a respected New Jersey genealogist, was in correspondence with Arthur Keith and many other Harned descendants regarding the family beginning in 1917. He maintained a Harned family file, and sought out Harned family records for Arthur Keith and others through the 1940's.
1930 - Arthur L. Keith, a college Latin professor, published the first comprehensive account of the Harned family from 1637 to the early 1800's in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record in 1930, based partly on John Schyrock's family tree. In 1931 he published an article on the Kentucky branch of the family in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. Although most of his research notes and correspondence have been permanently lost, we have been able get a partial picture of Arthur Keith and his research methods.
1940 - Margaret Harned King distributed a manuscript entitled "Posterity of John and Elizabeth Duncan Harned". This document of 37 pages extended the descendants of John [237] into the 1930's.
1962 - May File Harned developed a 55 page history of the Harned family for The Daughters of the American Revolution. This history focused primarily on descendants of Samuel [45], and extended parts of that line through the 1950's.
1975 - Donna Beatrice Harned, a Pennsylvania school teacher, distributed a 50 page history of the descendants of Jonathan[19] who settled throughout Pennsylvania during the early 1800's. A 53 page second edition was distributed by Thelma Maxson and Yvonne Syers Rich ca. 1985.

1996 - John H. Harned and Thomas L. Harned published "The Harneds of North America" in both printed book and electronic media formats. In 1992 they began a four year Harned family project to gather information. In their book they combined the family research each had been doing for many years with the research of E. Porter Harned and Deborah Myers in Kentucky, as well as many other family members.

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